How close is Serbia to EU?

At this point, it is very difficult to respond to that question, having in mind the crisis in the EU and the attitudes of some member states towards Serbia. Some views are positive, some negative, but I sincerely hope that we have managed to fulfill conditions for becoming a candidate country. We made a very unpopular move by extradition of the accused before the ICTY and thus showed our determination and will to become the members of the European Union. It is a difficult journey, but we should persevere. It is up to us to fulfill the remaining conditions and to fight to become a candidate country at the least.

Youth in Serbia and EU?

I am under the impression that our perception of EU is not realistic, i.e. it is a common misconception that if we become EU members, all our problems will be solved; we will all have secure jobs and our lives will immediately become beautiful. What needs to be done is to work more on raising the awareness of our citizens and our youth about what really the European Union is. We have to realize that it is very important for us to raise the living standard in this country so that it is not very different from that of the Member countries. We have to strive towards it for ourselves. Whether we will become a Member of the EU or not will not be of such a great importance once we have a state organized according to the European standards.

How can young people in Serbia contribute to reforms?

The youth are the riches.They are the future of a country. They need to be initiators and deliverers of positive changes. More young people should be involved in politics since I believe that they are not in it for personal benefit. At least, they are not joining my party for these reasons. It is vital for a society to be lead by people with energy, vision and ideals. It is not good for a society when its youth is disinterested and demotivated and in a such state that they do not care about anything. Young people simply have to be the avant-garde and the initiationrs of the positive change.

Better college – how to achieve that?

I believe this is a question for my senior colleagues. I myself am a student and I may not be objective enough to respond to this question. I believe that students should be more included in decision making process when we are talking about education and schooling. Students feel all the problems on thir own skin and I believe that they are, for the most part, right.

Your future plans in politics?

I will fight for the goals of the Democratic party because I deeply believe that it is the only political party in Serbia which can bring about real improvement in this country. I will try to contribute to the Development of the City of Nis since I am what we call “local patriot” and it is very important for me that our fellow citizens be proud of the achievements of the Democratic Party in Nis.

Ivan Trajkovic


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