Vice President of the Democratic Party Dragan Sutanovac ruled out a post-election coalition with the Serbian Progressive Party – SNS.

He was a guest on the show “Between two fires” on TV B92 and said that the DS will seek partners among parties with similar political programs.

Sutanovac said that the DS will search for partners among those political parties that have roughly the same or similar policy in view of Serbia’s future in a way that DS has.

“SNS is not and will not ever be our partner” – said the Minister of Defence.

He dismissed as completely false statements of Socialist Party of Serbia President and Interior Minister – Ivica Dacic – that the first phone conversation after the elections will be between DS and SNS and that also was the case four years ago.

“This is a complete parody, I do not really comment, and I think that the battle for votes is now a bit trivialized and if anyone thinks that in this way is to make DS slope rating, he is just wrong,” said the minister.

Sutanovac also said that one of the biggest mistakes for DS was not to inform the public of changes of circumstances due to the global economic crisis.

“The problem is that in the moment when the circumstances in which we live changed, not only me but the whole world simply did not inform the public properly and that we must change the way to get to a better life,” he said.

“One of the biggest mistakes is that we didnt said at the time of economic crisis beginning in late 2008, things are now changed dramatically and now are fighting for survival, not for progress,” he said.


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