Google Catches Bing Copying Their Search Results

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Google recently accused Microsoft of copying their search results after an amazing way of finding out whether or not Bing have actually replicated the results. As a result of these acusations Microsoft responded with a blase, ‘So What?’

Matt Cutts, Google’s anti-webspam engineer accused Microsoft on stage at a Bing-sponsored event. Cutts included a full explanation of how he thought Bing was doing this. He pointed out that he thought Bing watched what people searched for and clicked on at using the Internet Explorer 8 toolbar and then mimicking those results on

Moreover Cutts said that Google suspects that much of Bing’s improvements have come from copying Google. To test this hypothesis Google set up fake results for random searches which would not be searched for by any regular person. Google had 20 engineers search at home on the previous terms with the IE8 toolbar and, sure enough…

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