Chapter 275: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 26 & New Challenge, Day 8

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Happy Wednesday (or Humpday, as it’s also called)

I feel like for the past few posts, that my titles have been exactly the same, except with number changing. It’s annoying really, because I feel like I’m boring you all. If I am boring you with these posts, please let me know! I’m almost done, don’t worry.

Only four more days to go for the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, so I’m in the final stretch!



Today’s challenge is: “An Old Photo Of You”

Wow, this is a pretty easy challenge, I must say! I’ll post a photo when I was really little, around three or four years old.

Here it is:

Samantha at 3


I was blonde when I was little, but now I have brown hair. This was taken on my back deck, and I’m not sure what the date is. But isn’t my bikini cute? 😛

So, Day 26 is Completed!

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