Illusions of a Solution in Syria


With potential US strikes acknowledged by Obama as “limited” in aim, and focused not on removing Assad but rather on pushing the regime’s core supporters to the negotiation table, the administration is delaying the end to the conflict, which can only occur when the regime is routed, on the ground, by Syrians.

Policy Failure and Delusions.

Putting it softly, Obama’s Syria policy has been an utter failure – focused on an impotent cocktail of appeasement, containment and extremely non-lethal, passive support for the revolution. It is grounded on the presumption that a negotiated outcome can be achieved by pressuring Assad and allies to just “give up” power.

This approach is not only flawed, but delusional – last week’s chemical weapons attacks and subsequent offensive by the regime across the Damascus suburbs and other liberated areas are just one example in a series of actions over the past 30 months. All…

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