Internal Pollution

Unknown Buddhist

ohio_frackingWaste-water from the controversial practice of fracking appears to be linked to all earthquakes in an Ohio town that had no known previous earthquakes. The first earthquake recorded in Youngstown, Ohio occurred 13 days after fracking began, with tremors ceasing shortly after the Ohio Department of Natural Resources shut down the well in December 2011. In addition, dips in earthquake activity lined up with Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and other times when injection at the well was temporarily stopped.

Unfortunately, we tend to see ourselves as the smartest of all beings. Accordingly, being “wise ones,” we have misused, abused and destroyed species of animals, forests, mountains and natural resources. Additionally, our environment is seriously polluted because our internal environment (i.e., our mind) is seriously damaged. Bottomless greed pushes us to quench our unceasing internal fire, leading to destruction and environmental damage.

Early Buddhist legends detail…

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