Elysium – review

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elysium_ver2On paper Elysium should be good, District 9 was unexpected, creative and entertaining. All the thing that Elysium isn’t.

Its got a cracking cast, Matt Damon has made the effort to work out and shave his head for the role. Sharlto Copley who was so good in Distrcit 9 has a beard. And Jodie Foster who hasn’t been in much lately, she must be picking her roles wisely, right?  But Copley is a bit like Oscar the Grouch, all grubby and angry at everything.agent kruger oscar the grouch

Jodie Fosters voice is weirdly overdubbed, with her own voice, in a slightly more English accent, because English = bad guy. Oh and also do you remember I Am Legend, that annoying woman with the butterfly tattoo, whose presence proved the existence of God? She’s playing the same irritating character here. One that needs rescuing, has a small child and requires a miracle to function in…

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