SISTA CINEMA: 5 Of The Best Movies To Watch With Your Boo On The First Date


couple-couchYou can tell a lot about a man by the types of movies he likes. (You can also tell a lot about a man who will actually come to your place to watch a movie without any ulterior motives.) Most men will not opt to watch the latest chick flick and not every woman wants to watch some action-figure looking man getting his face punched in. So, how do you and your boo meet in the middle when it comes to movies? You give him something he would like, wrapped in something you like!

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Here is a fool-proof assortment of five of the best first date movies to test your boo’s movie preferences!


1. Love Jones

Now this is a risky one because it just may end in you prematurely giving up the goods. But if you avoid following…

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