Building a Playback Rig for a Live Show

Audio Geekery

So playback is a largely varying necessity for most artists. I’ve worked with bands that play to click tracks, I’ve worked with bands that are playing to click plus additional tracks, and I’ve worked with artists that are almost entirely on tracks.  Some of these rigs are as simple as an iPod, some are dual Pro Tools HD rigs with racks of interfaces and DIs with auto switchers, and everything in between.  A playback rig doesn’t need to be anything particularly complicated, it’s all really relative to the needs of the show.  Currently the playback rig I’m dealing with right now is a pair of Macbook Pro 13s, a pair of Echo Layla interfaces, and a pair of Radial SW8 Switcher/DIs.  While not a large playback rig, it’s quite capable and can run 12 separate outputs and has a backup playback system.

The necessity of your playback system is entirely…

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