The Backing Track Playback Session

Audio Geekery

Continuing from the last post here, I figured I would get into the session itself, and to how a playback session SHOULD be built.  Obviously this is all my opinion, but I feel that I’ve seen enough at this point, that these suggestions are based on the best aspects of the successful playback systems I’ve encountered.

Playback in it’s entirety is about compromising, it’s best to have as few tracks playing as possible, to minimize the CPU usage, and thus ease up the workload on the computer.  In order to do that you’ll need to sub mix the sessions that you have into stems.  So by having fewer tracks playing in your session you’re easing up on the computer, but at the same time losing the ability to change that mix, or edit things within that stem.

Generally I’ll stem things out into Percussion, Instruments, Background Vocals, Sub Content, Click…

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