John Graham aka Quivver talks about his involvement with the Underground Allstars charity EP – out on Pro B Tech Records

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Q1 – First and foremost thanks for your time John, we know how heavy your schedule is, but how do you balance life between Studio, Dj and Home??

I’ve got into a routine of working pretty much 9 to 5 in the studio now. When I was in England I used to work till the early hours and get into the studio about midday but since I moved to LA my schedule has been more conventional.. i don’t get smashed every time I go out dj’ing these days either so I can actually function on Mondays now too.

Q2 – Thermalbear and yourself contributed remixes for the latest Underground Allstars, what made you get involved and is it the first fundraising record you’ve been involved with?

I got an email from Mick Park with all the info about what they were doing and it was something i immediately wanted to…

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