Positive Change with Negative Space


Originally published at Bridged Design 

The fastest way between two points is not a straight line. It’s association. When we look at an image, logo, infographic, poster, etc., we unconsciously group elements together and discriminate between figure and ground relationships. Our minds look for motion, edges, color, contour and contrast to organize textures into basic forms and identify objects on the page. Your brain does this with the help of, quite literally, nothing at all! A negative space completely devoid of content can double, or triple, the point you want to communicate, along with an “Ah ha!” moment that reinforces memory.

Seeing what isn’t there…

Our schemas play an important role in how we process the information from images. Schemas are abstract representations of our world view, providing the context for which we judge new information. Strategically placing a few white circles with certain areas cut out over a…

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