Valve Announces Personal Gaming Console: Steam Machine


Jeremy Chai 
Staff Writer

We’ve all known about Valve’s alleged Steam Box console; rumors of its existence and development have been on the internet for quite some time now. But it’s the first I’ve heard that Valve will be offering multiple versions of their console.

Simply called ‘Steam Machines,’ according to Steam’s website, it is the second of three announcements on Valve’s campaign to bring their games to the console and living room.

While there isn’t much information on the console itself, Valve has left us with a couple of tidbits of information: the machine will be running SteamOS and is compatible with the traditional mouse and keyboard – it is a campaign for console friendliness, but hey, Steam gives you as much flexibility as they can.

Like its operating system, the Steam machine will be extremely modifiable by the user:

Can I hack this box? Run…

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