A Love Story That Spawned A Hardware Revolution In The Kitchen


Neither of them had any entrepreneurial history before they met. Abe Fetterman was a plasma physics Ph.D. at Princeton and Lisa Qiu had worked in hospitality at Jean-Georges and Mario Batali before entering the magazine world.

But while watching Top Chef episodes during their first week of dating, they clicked.

Lisa, who was working around some of the most elite chefs in the world, saw an immersion circulator on a Top Chef episode. These devices are used to cook with the “sous-vide” method, where food is vacuum sealed and slow-cooked in a water bath to a precise and even temperature. High-end chefs have raved that sous-vide helps them create perfectly cooked food, like steaks where the core is evenly rare without having burnt exteriors.

She confessed that she would have loved to have had one.

But at the time, sous-vide machines cost well over $1,000, which was far out…

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