A simple and effective way to review an research article

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In this write-up I am presenting a simple and effective way to read and record your readings related to your research. As an example, I am choosing an article from Elsevier – Energy Policy journal.

Paper: Henrik Lund, Willett Kempton, Integration of renewable energy into the transport and electricity sectors through V2G , Energy Policy, Volume 36, Issue 9, September 2008, Pages 3578-3587

Authors: Henrik Lund; Willet Kempton

Article Synopsis:

This article presents EV (Electric Vehicle) and V2G (Vehicle to Grid) as a solution to address problems associated with large-scale implementation of sustainable energy systems. These problems are 1) How to replace oil in transportation sector? 2) How to increase penetration of renewables and maintain a balance between supply and demand of renewables? The article concludes, after case-studies and simulation, that adding EVs and V2G to national energy systems facilitates higher wind penetration and ultimately reduces CO2 emissions.

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