Electric Motor Lab


Our next science lab was to create electric motor. We were given some copper wire, 2 permenent magnets, a paper cup, a battery, 2 alligator wires, and 2 paper clips. The first step of this was put the magnets on the upside down cup. Then, we created the spoil of copper wire, and let it sit in between the 2 paper clips. From there, we attached the wires to the paper clips and battery, and now we have a complete circuit. The wires was now energized(via battery and paper clips), but it needed something to start it. We gave the wire a flick, and it started spinning. It would spin until the battery runs out. It is spinning because of the poles from the magnets. As the wire continues to spin, the magnetic poles flip and repel the wire, causing the spinning to occur. This continues until the battery runs…

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