JD Power Explains Why Samsung Beat Apple In Its Latest Tablet Study: Price


Yesterday, JD Power released its newest tablet satisfaction study and the Internet went a bit nuts. For the first time, Samsung had edged  out perennial favorite Apple in customer satisfaction on tablets. This was a stark change from volume one of the study which had Apple handily beating its competitors.

There was outcry about how close it was, about how the JD Power chart and scoring (835 to Samsung, 833 to Apple) simply didn’t add up. I have to admit, I was fairly curious about that, and supposed that it had to be about price.

So I reached out to JD Power and spoke to Kirk Parsons, senior director of telecommunications services. What he told us wasn’t too surprising, but it may help clear up some of the confusion. First off, the “power circle” chart that’s being widely circulated is simply a visual tool, and not representative of…

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