Man, do I feel tiny and insignificant…

Barely Domesticated Diva

Nebulae are “clouds of gas or dust in space that can sometimes be seen at night”. Aka super gorgeous clouds of prettiness in the sky for us as teeny human beings to enjoy. While I am slightly obsessed with the northern lights (though I have never actually seen them with my naked eye), I am now even more excited over nebulae. You can see the Orion Nebula at night, so I am told. First of all, I am going to see if I can see any from my location tonight. Second, check out this photo of Witch Nebula from NASA on Discovery News:

How eerie is that? They also have some gorgeous pictures of other nebula you just have to see… These things are HUGE-blow your mind huge-and OLD! Makes me feel so tiny and my time here on earth so excruciatingly short… Puts things into perspective for you!

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