NASA is funding a 3D printer capable of making food!



Anjan Contractor, a senior
mechanical engineer at
Systems and Materials
Research Corporation is the
man that everyone will grow to
love – because he is working
on a 3D printer, that can
print food.
Obviously, the food isn’t just
coming out of thin air, the
printer needs the materials to
make up the food but still.
Contractor was given a
$125,000 grant from NASA
after demonstrating that he
was able to print chocolate.
The reason NASA is interested
in such a device is because
they are looking for a way to
spice up meal plans for
astronauts, and those that are
thinking of taking on the 500+
day journey to Mars!
Contractor is focusing on
developing a printer that can
print pizza, as it combines
multiple ingredients and is a
little more complex than a bar
of chocolate.
First synthetic hamburgers,
now we can print chocolate
and soon we’ll be…

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