Rare eclipse this weekend in Eastern Canada

Global News

TORONTO – Though it won’t be anything near as breathtaking as a total solar eclipse, Eastern Canada will experience a rare hybrid solar eclipse on Sunday.

There are two types of solar eclipses: total and annular.

A total eclipse occurs when the moon blocks out the sun entirely. An annular eclipse is when it only blocks out part of the sun.

Understanding solar eclipses (NASA)

But every so often a rare hybrid of the two occurs, where some sections of the path are annular and others are total.

Hybrid eclipses are rare, but this one in particular is even more unusual.

Typically, hybrid eclipses start as annular, change to total and then go back to annular. However, this eclipse’s central path begins as annular and ends total.

The place on the planet where you would see the ‘greatest eclipse’ or (fullest and longest) will occur in the Atlantic about 330…

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