Remembering Lou Reed in light of Lulu…

Dischordant Forms

As much as I’d like to think or say otherwise, I do not have my ear to the ground concerning everything that’s happening in music these days – what people are playing and where they’re playing it, what the new sounds are, who’s saying what about music, and so on.

However, for whatever reason, and in spite of various circumstances, I’ve managed to keep my ear to the ground within the heavy metal community for more than a decade. It’s a fairly easy thing to do: you find a heavy metal news source or two and follow them faithfully. For me, the constant has been, which is something of an aggregator of happenings in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. It’s not my only source, but the site has been a mainstay of mine since shortly after it came into existence over a decade ago.

As a…

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