Signal Processing

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     Signal Processing


Signal Processing is divided into two categories: analog signal processing and digital signal processing. This study focuses on the digital signal processing. A signal is a one-dimensional function. A digital signal processing is an area of science and engineering that has developed rapidly over the
past 30 years [3]. The meaning of these terms (Digital, Signal, Processing) are listed below:

Signal [4]: A parameter (an electrical quantity or an eeffect) that can be varied in such a way as to convey information.

Digital [4]: Operating by the use of discrete signals to represent data in
the form of numbers.

Processing [4]: A series of operations performed according to programmed


These definitions can be combined in one definition called Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

Digital Signal Processing [4]: Changing or analyzing information which is measured as discrete sequences of numbers.


[3]:P. G. John and M .G. Dimitris, Introduction in Digital Signal Processing…

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