If you wanna manipulate 3-D images in thin-air, these new Tony-Stark glasses willl perfectly suit you!

Tony-Stark Glasses

“I think therefore I am”, this famous quote of Descartes nowadays is widely dispersed in the aisles of advanced technology. Everyday a new discovery or a new experiment. We can even call 2013, the year of inventions within 21st century. We still don’t know what future holds, however it’s sure that the year we’re living in; is the most fruitful one since the turn of millenium.

An augmented-reality glasses news hit the the technology headlines today created by a Silicon Valley startup called Meta; which will let you interact with virtual objects in the real world. That said, placing holograms on the real world, reaching out and touching them with your hands will be within the bounds of possibility.

Founder of Meta, 28-year-old Meron Gribetz, moved to US from Israel to study computer and…

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