Sofijazz & Elliot Mason, concert in Novi Sad



Serbia is snowed in this week, and that didn’t stop jazz enthusiasts of the region from looking forward to Sofija Knezevic`s and Elliot Mason`s another masterful jazz performance. Sofija and Elliot are just finishing their Europe run and have decided to end it with a performance in Serbia, this time the concert will be held in Novi Sad, that is known for great jazz and the great Novi Sad Jazz Festival.

Both Sofija and Elliot have performed in Novi Sad before and are very much looking forward to coming back. “ I was recently deciding about where to perform for Christmas when we go back, and my first two choices were Novi Sad and Kikinda, and I am really glad we were able to do it, because a lot of our audience comes from Novi Sad to hear us when we are performing in Belgrade, this time we will be delighted to come to them and share some great music and energy” – says young Sofija also known by her artist name Sofijazz.

Only 25 years old, and already an extremely successful artist, this young woman has traveled all over the world performing and teaching. She is writing her book on vocal technique, and the hugely popular book of jazz arrangements of Serbian children songs and nursery rhymes. Sofija has just recorded the first half of her album in one of the best recording studios in the world with some of the New York greats including the drummer of legendary Charlie Haden, Rodney Green, Orlando Le Fleming on bass and Wynton Marsalis`s piano player Dan Nimmer. Within the selections picked out for the performance in Novi Sad, you will enjoy a few songs from this recording as well.

Ms. Knezevic also just returned from her tour in Middle East, where she spent around a month performing, including her 3 week residency as the main artist at the Jazz at Lincoln Center club in Doha, Qatar.

Sofija also did another collaboration with director Igor Simic and you can hear her in his new movie “Our Guardians”, the movie that appeared at the Berlin Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival.

The other half of the band and Sofija`s life partner Elliot Mason is one of the greatest jazz trombonists of this generation. He is a part of Wynton Marsalis` band, and has played with some of the biggest names in music including Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Kenny Garrett, Aretha Franklin, Cosby, Stills and Nash and many others. He is also currently working on his new album, that will feature many incredible guests as well.

You shouldn’t miss this performance if you are in Serbia, especially if you are already in Novi Sad, without a doubt they will surprise you with their musicianship, versatility and creative sensibility. This time they will be joined by a trio of great jazz artists from Serbia: Aleksandar Bahun on piano, Fedor Ruskuc on bass and Pedja Milutinovic on drums. The concert will be held at the local venue Firchie Think Tank, on January 8th, at 10pm.


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