On the relative everything…

Years or months, days…. times flies fast… Only thing we can be sure is – nothing!

Really, how many things you have planned, decided or expected – that never came true, or happened even? But, on the other hand, how many totally unexpected events have came to be, that made you happy, surprised satisfied!!

You know about Quantum physics? You don’t? OK, its a thing many PHD’s don’t understand either.

In essence. quantum physics says everything, EVERYTHING is connected on all levels, from atoms to the world we see. Now – tadadaaaa-  bells and gongs – no one knows HOW everything is connected and WHY it acts the way it does. They also have a scientific name for that , made by Einstein himself – A SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE! Yes, spooky!  The pure essence of every live and dead thing in the Universe is spooky! It’s a nice way to say that no one knows really how anything works. Yes we have physics laws in our everyday world, but at atomic and molecular level everything falls apart! True stuff!

So, think for a second on you and your daily activities – hey, no one knows why things happen, sometimes stuff we think is bad is actually very good for us, many times when we think everything is bad, Sun shines thru! Think about milions of people who were in war, poverty, starvation! And they come trough it! They found a way!

Everyone has its own way and its own path! And who made that road, where every way goes – no one knows! Even Quantum Physic’s, even PHD’s and Nobel winners!!

Ivan Trajkovic /


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